Here’s what you absolutely must know- All of this is temporary.

My bio on this page changes according to my level of perception and growth. I will change my ideas, opinions and dreams. Just like any other human being.

So, as of now, I’m Kritika. I live in the capital of my country, India. I come from a small, beautiful town called Dehradun. I love my country for it is highly flawed, controlling and stubborn with a huge room for improvement- just like me. I am an extroverted introvert- which helps me observe situations as a player and as a bystander simulatneously. I am a hardcore diplomat, which means that I try to understand both sides of the coin and end up losing my peace of mind over it, and ultimately the coin too.

I am a student of Literature at Delhi University. I love to debate and discuss views with people who are open to… well, debates and discussions. I am an ardent supporter of the LGBT Community. I am an animal lover and hope that one day, zoos and circuses will be shut down for good.

I am not a voracious reader, though I try to read everyday. I am a food lover (hence the pudginess). Triangles are my favourite shape (three points where two lines meet). My music preference is almost always 50% Sleeping At Last + 50% Sigur Rós. If you do not know about these two bands, I think you should. Also Alt-J, Twenty One Pilots, Sia, Adele and Sam Smith. And Nicki Minaj when I feel low.

I wish to keep learning as much as I can. I want to travel the world (like many others). But right now, I’m focused on travelling through my own personal barriers.

‘Just one more step’ is what I believe in, right now. 🙂

– Love, K.

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